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General Care Of Your Feet

During your lifetime, you will probably walk over 100,000 miles. This will require the 26 bones of your feet and the complex framework of tendons, muscles and ligaments to perform repeatedly to allow you to absorb the impact of your body weight and respond to the various activities that you'll demand of them. Similarly the skin and nails of the feet must protect and permit continuous movement.

Looking after your feet is crucial to staying healthy and fit. This can become more challenging with age, suffer medical or arthritic conditions or simply find it more difficult to see or reach our feet.

We care for many clients who need assistance with maintaining healthy feet. From those with painful corns and calluses, to our diabetic clients who need careful monitoring as well as routine care of skin and nails. We also see clients of any age who suffer from painfully ingrown nails, skin conditions including plantar warts and fungal nail and skin infections. We are able to provide gentle and professional care that is often described as the 'Walking on Air Feeling'.

We are highly respected by the many doctors in the area and work closely with them when more complex conditions affecting the feet occur. If necessary we are able to refer for ultrasound, X-Ray and MRI, and refer on to other health professionals if required.

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For over ten years, our professionally trained podiatrists have been providing high quality care in a friendly and comfortable environment. We aim to provide professional expertise in all of facets of podiatry, including prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the many conditions affecting the feet and lower limbs.


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