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Orthoses Braces And CAM Walkers

The Podiatrists at Manningham Podiatry are able to fit a full range of orthopaedic braces and CAM walkers/boots. Whether it be for an acute fracture/injury or as part of an ongoing management plan there are many and varied options available.

The Podiatrists are also proficient in the prescription and issue of orthotic devices. The use of custom made devices, semi-custom devices and prefabricated or 'off the shelf' orthotics have a range of applications for a variety of foot conditions and complaints. You should discuss with your Podiatrist if an orthotic could be of benefit to you.

There are many circumstances where use of an orthotic, brace or walker may be necessary, either for a short period or in some circumstances indefinitely. Orthoses are used in treating a wide range of conditions from painful, flattened feet in children to correcting foot position and alignment in older clients who have suffered soft tissue injuries or structural changes in their feet.

Orthoses are prescribed on the basis of biomechanical assessment, history of injury or changes in the structure of the foot and your podiatrist will determine whether a custom made orthotic is necessary or whether an off the shelf orthotic device will be of benefit.

CAM Walkers are used for the management of fractures of the smaller bones in the feet, following severe ankle strains or following foot surgery.

A range of braces may be prescribed following ankle sprains for use during rehabilitation. More recently, the Richie brace has been developed for those suffering painful flattening of the feet associated with tendon injury or following a traumatic ankle injury.

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